Course options:

Gloucestershire Theology School (GTS) offers congregations theological teaching which is open and accessible to all. Meeting in church-based locations, with groups already familiar with one another, teaching can be delivered in a friendly and bespoke format.

You can choose:

  • Time (length of sessions, time of day)
  • Course length (weeks, blocks, long weekends, terms, an academic year)
  • Course content (theology overview, biblical interpretation, apologetics, book studies)

The teaching is non-formalised, open access, designed to be ‘theology for everyone’, with the basic goal of helping people build a firmer biblical and theological foundation to their faith.  Additionally the teaching equips participants with the tools and skills to enhance their own study, to minister more effectively to one another, and to develop a deeper and more vibrant relationship with God.

Style:            Interactive; Participatory; Interrogative; Structured but non-formal

Purpose:      Biblical & Theological exploration; Personal engagement; Equipping for ministry

Courses are designed or modified in partnership with the church or group requesting the course.  Course format is variable to some degree, with some flexibility in content, level, session time, and course length.  The most common course lengths are 10 weeks, or a 5 week short course.


The most common format would be a 10-week delivery on general topics:

  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Understanding & Doing Theology
  • Engaging Contemporary Issues
  • Harmony of the Gospels
  • Journey through the OT or NT
  • The Kingdom and the Future

Topical options work over a shorter 5-week delivery, or an intensive weekend:

  • Unlocking the Bible (a bible engagement course)
  • Issues in Science & Faith (e.g. understanding creation and evolution)
  • Creation to New Creation
  • The Reformation after 500 years
  • The Feasts of the Lord
  • The Passion Week of Jesus

Book Studies offer another option and vary considerably in length:

  • Ephesians
  • Daniel & Revelation
  • Gospel of John
  • Deuteronomy
  • Romans
  • Narrative books (Ruth, Esther, Acts)
  • Minor prophets