Some of the past GTS Courses:

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Temple Theology and the New Creation

Good Call Course

The course programme is as follows:

  • Week 1 – Principles & Resources.
  • Week 2 – Caring for the Environment.
  • Week 3 – Medical Dilemmas.
  • Week 4 – Sex & Marriage.
  • Week 5 – Ethical Talk – and Listening.

Zoom Online

The course will run for 5 weeks

Wednesday evenings starting 16th June 

We make decisions all the time – often under pressure because of time constraints, or the expectations of people around us. How can we be sure that the decisions that matter are good decisions? How can we be sure that these decisions are made well, that good outcomes are sought, and that the decision-making process honours God and respects those around us?

This five-week course explores ethics for the local church, and aims to equip individuals and churches to make good choices. It will outline some of the key ethical principles relating to making moral (good/bad) choices, and the riches that the Christian church brings to the task of doing ethics. It will then explore ethics in detail in three important areas of modern life – a) caring for the environment, b) medical dilemmas and c) sex and marriage – and help participants to think through and discuss the issues clearly but sensitively. In the final session, there is an opportunity for participants to do a short small-group presentation on an ethical issue of their choice, continue the discussion on any of the areas already covered and to raise any other issues (which may then be addressed in follow-up sessions).

The course will be facilitated by the Rev’d Dr Stephen Goundrey-Smith, who is an experienced parish priest, a scholar in Christian ethics and Associate Tutor in Christian Ethics at Cuddesdon Gloucester & Hereford.

Good Call: Ethics for Churches in the Twenty-First Century

Zoom Online

6 week course

Started 22nd Feb 

Learn Biblical Hebrew

Zoom Online

Taught by Phil King.

10 week course

Started 4th March 

Learn New Testament Greek

Zoom Online

Taught by Rosie Button.

10 week course

Started 23rd February 


What are WE waiting for? (Advent Series)

How can we rediscover the true meaning of Advent?

The word itself means ‘coming’ – but what’s coming?   The Jews of Jesus’ day were waiting for the coming of the Messiah.  And then he came.  So is that it?  Is looking back and celebrating his birth the meaning of Advent, or is there something more for us today?  How did Advent turn into Christmas?  Perhaps there is a deeper ‘theology of Advent’ which the early Christians knew and understood from the very beginning – but which has become largely ‘overshadowed’ by the celebration of Christmas.
What are WE waiting for?

4 week course

We explored questions such as:

  • What does ‘Advent’ actually mean, and how does it relate to both past and future?
  • Is there an Advent for the present as well?
  • When and why did the celebration of Christmas begin. Has it overshadowed advent?
  • What can Old Testament prophecy teach us about the theology of advent?
  • Where do we find our Christian ‘hope’ today?
  • What have some of the great Christian thinkers like C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, Sayers and MacDonald had to say about Advent?

Cross & Kingdom

St Andrew’sChurchdown

6 week course 

Lent Course: Foundations of the Faith

St Andrew’sChurchdown

6 week course 

The Passion Week of Jesus

Chedworth Village Hall

5 week course

Seder-Passover Dinner

Hillview Church

8th April


Autumn GTS Courses and Events:

Unlocking Ephesians

St Catharine’s

Unlocking the Bible

Hartpury Old Chapel 
(Involving several benefices)

Gospel of Matthew

St Oswald’s
Coney Hill

Reading the Bible Missionally

Launde Abbey

Regular GTS Courses:

God and Creation

God and Creation poster

Glebe Chapel

5 week course
(meeting bi-weekly)

from 5th May 

Faith Seeking Understanding

Faith Seeking Understanding

Diocese Centre

Single day course

3rd March

The Passion Week of Jesus

Passion Week of Jesus Poster

St Andrew’s Church

8 week course
(meeting weekly)

from 28th February 

The Passion Week of Jesus

Passion Week of Jesus Poster

Glebe Chapel

6 week course
(meeting bi-weekly)

from 20th January 

Glebe Chapel
Glebe GTS Session

Engaging Contemporary Issues

Engaging Contemporary Issues Poster

Hillview Church

6 week course
(meeting bi-weekly)

from 14th January 


Young Adults session on 'Bible & Theology'

St Andrews

St Andrew’s,

27 November

‘Unlocking the Bible’ Day Course

St Catharines

St Catharine’s Church,

4 November

Tommies CU (Christian Union) Seminars

Tommies CU

Topics covered:

  1. Science & Faith
  2. The End of the World


23 October &
27 November

Bible-based ‘Super Sunday’ Event

Emmanuel Church,

14 October 

Super Sunday Flyer
Emmanuel Teaching

Residential Weekend on Eschatology


Cuddesdon College,
CGH (Cuddesdon, Gloucester & Hereford)

6-7 October

GCH Residential 1
GCH Residential 2