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Welcome to Gateway Theology School

The goal of GTS is to run courses that help Christians become more like Jesus. Our courses will help you to engage with contemporary, biblical and theological issues. We encourage participants to think, discuss, learn and reflect together. Our belief is that learning more about the nature of God transforms us and increases our desire to become more like Him, to share His love and compassion for a hurting world.

Our courses are delivered in two modes; on site and online.

Gateway On Site / Connect

Glebe GTS Session

Gateway On Site is a mobile Theology School offering biblical and theological teaching in your own church or community venue in the county of Gloucestershire. Designed to be open and accessible to anyone, GTS courses are delivered in a friendly and engaging way, in a familiar environment.

Courses are tailored to the needs and interests of your group and can be customised by time, length and content. Our aim with on-site teaching is to:

Courses are adaptable to the needs of the group. The most common format is a weekly set of sessions. However, they could also be adapted for:

Gateway Online

Introduced during the global pandemic, we now offer a variety of courses online, using Zoom. Teaching is a combination of lecture, questions and discussion. Some also have a more interactive element with quizzes and written questions. This part is purely optional.
Online teaching is ideal for:

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Available Courses

Here is a list of the courses that will be running in the next three months. To find out more about each course please click on the image.

Biblical Engagement
Biblical Languages
Contemporary Issues
Theological Engagement

An endorsement for GTS as a charity and why it is so important/good. 

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Theology is for everyone!

Theology should not be a scary word. It’s not just for academics and scholars.Theology is about our relationship to God, and God’s relationship to the world.  Our aim at GTS is to create a safe space, in your own local church or community, where everyone together can ‘do theology’ and go deeper into God’s word.