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Courses in 2021:

Unlocking the Bible

Zoom Online

Taught by Dan Button

5 week course

Starting: Monday 18th October,  7-8.30pm  GMT+1

This will comprise of interactive online activities and questions followed by a group zoom discussion over 5 weekly sessions.

Cost will be on a donation basis.

Why are there so many translations of the Bible? Is it one book or many? Is it really God’s word, or man’s words about God? How can the OT be relevant inthe 21st century when it was written in a completely different time and culture?

If you’ve ever had questions about the Bible and wished there were a place to discuss them more deeply and openly, but were afraid to ask, this is your chance!

We’re launching an online version of Unlocking the Bible, combining some online activities and questions with a group zoom discussion over 5 weekly sessions.

Perfect for anyone wanting to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, its structure, storyline, relationship between OT & NT, how it was written, and the differences in translations.


How would you answer if someone either at work OR someone new to faith at your church or a small group asked you: 

Why do you think it’s worthwhile to study the Bible?

Write a short paragraph of what you would say…

…once you have added your own, you can see what others have written!

To read:
For some additional insight about why people sometimes find it hard to read or study the bible, have a read over the attached document Bible Myths – by Nick Page.

[Available in the full course]

What words come to mind when you think of the Bible? 

Write down 6-7 words on paper before you add them to the Google doc below – so you are not influenced by others 🙂
Or write down more, then choose your top 7 and add them to the google doc!

We’ll produce a  Wordle of which words we most have in common
(everyone’s words anonymous)

Have a go at the quiz below before you come to class.  
(Pay no attention to the ‘points’. The answer to each question follows immediately after and the object is to help you think through the questions in new or perhaps surprising ways – there may be more than one correct answer.)

Take note of any questions raised so you can bring them to the session and discuss!

Click here to open the quiz on Google Documents 

✏️ Live Seminar (Zoom 90 mins)

👀 Content (on platform text)

🔗 Logistics: what, where, how to join (Zoom link)

🌐 Schedule:

  • Part 1: Exploration of Outputs (30 mins) Opportunity to discuss this week’s activity and present your outputs to the rest of the
  • Part 2: Mastery Activity (30 mins) A live challenge activity to hone and test your learning, completed in groups: 

Activity: In small groups, discuss how you would answer the question allocated to your group. Be prepared to share your answer!
Why do people NOT read the Bible?

  • Part 3: Discussion: A chance to explore and discuss our learning.
  • Part 4: Round up & Next Steps: What we’ve done, what more you can do and what’s coming up next time.

Portfolio Question (choose 1): How would you answer the question ‘Why study the Bible’? either by someone at work who has heard you are a Christian OR to someone new to faith at your church?

Explorations in Faith and Theology

Zoom Online

Taught by Dan Button

Ongoing course held once a fortnight

Starting: Thursday 28th October 7-8.45pm GMT+1

A new course designed for those who want to engage in a journey of discovery and delve deeply into a variety of theological topics that rarely see the light of day.  We’ll cover topics like Creation, Trinity, Heaven and Life after Death, Being Human, Resurrection, the Kingdom and the Future… exploring these topics in new ways, discussing different perspectives, and engaging in thoughtful discussion. 

Lots of questions – and perhaps even some surprising answers!  Not for the faint hearted, this course will help you think, grow, be open to different possibilities and articulate your own thoughts and ideas.  Don’t expect easy answers, this will be a journey of theological exploration.

Unlike other courses, there is no set ending.  We’ll meet through the end of the year, then continue in the new year as long as the group wants to continue exploring. 

Cost will be on a donation basis.

Courses in 2022:

We’re planning several courses starting in January or beyond.  Creation to New Creation, a new offering of Good Call: Ethics for Churches in the 21st Century and, if there is sufficient interest, a second run of Learn Biblical Hebrew, and Learn New Testament Greek.