Current & Upcoming Courses

Daniel & Revelation

Every Thursday  for 10 weeks 

There will be a short introductory session on 29 September for preparation. The main course begins on Thursday 6th October from 7pm. 

Location: Online

An in-depth theological study of the two most uniquely apocalyptic books in the Bible, Daniel (OT) and Revelation (NT). We will share perspectives, thoughts, and ideas, looking at how interpretations have varied significantly over the centuries. Comparing and interpreting the two together allows new insights to arise and helps to understand each more clearly.

Please Note: This is a challenging course for those who already have a level of theological ability and confidence.

JUNE 2023

Unlocking the Bible

Dates and Time:  7.15-9pm beginning Wednesday 26th April
Length: 5 Sessions Fortnightly
Location: Kingfisher Church, Tredworth

If you’ve ever had questions about the Bible, been puzzled by things you’ve read, wondered why there are so many translations, why the Old Testament seems so long and tedious, or how the Bible can still be relevant to the challenges of our world today… then this is the course for you.

This course is only available to friends of Kingfisher Church

Creed or Controversy

Dates and Time:  Thursdays, 7.15-9pm (beginning 11th May)
Length: 5 Sessions
Location: St. Andrews, Churchdown

    • Does it matter what God is like?
    • Why do Christians disagree about issues like sex and politics?
    • Can the church be relevant in the contemporary world?

This 5-session course highlights examples of doctrinal debate in the early church, exploring how those debates reflected the social context of their time, how they have influenced the church since, and what they mean for us today.

Learn New Testament Greek

Dates Ongoing

Location: Online

The introductory course will take you through the basics, from letters and words to sentences and structure. You’ll learn to read from John’s Gospel and encounter the many joys and challenges of translation.

Learn Biblical Hebrew

Dates Ongoing

Location: Online

Biblical Hebrew takes you on a fascinating journey of learning to understand the language of the Old Testament – the Hebrew letters, vocabulary, and sentence structure. You’ll soon be ‘reading backwards’ from right to left, able to speak aloud, understand passages of Hebrew Scripture and encounter the joys and challenges of translation.


GTS has been working closely with the diocese of Gloucester and as a partner we want to promote their new monthly discipleship course.

A Life of Faith

Finding a spiritual rhythm in a busy life (Monthly Sessions)

What does it mean to be a Christian in the 21st Century?

How do we make what we believe matter in the whole of our lives? Each month we will be encouraged to consider different aspects of a life of faith –  care for the environment, issues of injustice, different ways to pray, approaches to reading the Bible.

A variety of speakers will inspire us to be more confident that we are living each and every day as people of faith.


‘After being challenged to grow in my own understanding of the Bible I recently completed the GTS course, ‘Unlocking the Bible.’ It was so accessible, well-paced, and fitted in well with an already busy schedule.  What an amazing resource, right on our doorstep!’

Ollie Bennett, Pastor, Kingfisher Church Tredworth