GTS offers a variety of events which can be designed to fit your group.  This includes a ‘Taster Session’ in which samples of different courses are demonstrated, enabling a group to make a more informed decision about which course to choose.

Events are normally a half-day or full-day, but could also be a church weekend away.  Events combine aspects of teaching along with active participation – whether a walking tour, a meal, or a Q&A session.

One of the most popular events is a Passover-Seder Meal, perfect for the week before Easter.

'It was a huge privilege to be part of this amazing evening, I learnt so much, what a great experience… thank you so much!' - Tony H

'It was all great fun, as well as challenging, and leading the assembled crowd in the Shema was an unforgettable experience.' - Marilyn B

Passover-Seder Meal


Why Passover, and what’s a Seder?  Jesus’ last supper was a Passover meal, yet he re-shaped it, and spoke of a new covenant.  Seder is the Jewish ceremonial feast that takes place on the first night of Passover.  It involves reading, singing, telling stories, drinking wine, and eating special foods symbolic of Israel’s escape from slavery in Egypt.   It recalls God’s divine intervention in Israel’s past – and the future expectations of the Messiah.

This is not a sumptuous meal, but a ritual and ceremonial feast.  Everything eaten, spoken and acted has a deeper symbolic meaning, relating to Israel’s redemption from slavery in Egypt when the angel of death ‘passed over’.  The food includes flat matzah bread, a roast egg, lamb bone, a nut paste, horseradish, and bitter herbs dipped in saltwater.  Sound tantalizing?

Seder is a cross-generational feast.  It’s for families, children, and grandparents; in fact, children have an important role to play.  We recite the kadeish, tell the maggid, perform the urchatz, and search for the afikomen.  The only way to find out more is to come and join in…

The evening involves participation and learning together to understand the Passover and Seder through both Jewish and Christian eyes, seeing how the Old Testament symbolism and expectation was fulfilled in Jesus – with a few signs of the future kingdom yet to be fulfilled.

Format – On Site only

Difficult Questions Christians Ask

Difficult Questions Christians Ask


This is an ‘open event’ which can be completely tailored to fit the group and the time available.  ‘Apologetics’ is a word which refers to defending one’s Christian faith against various challenges.  These challenges come from different directions – contemporary culture, atheism, other religions… but very often Christians have their own difficult questions and challenges to ask about the Christian faith!

Format On Site

Facilitator Daniel Button

Format On Site

Facilitator Daniel Button

Reformation Past and Present


Who doesn’t love a day out?  A field trip in the glorious Cotswold’s – with a historical and theological twist!  Gloucestershire is rife with Christian history, and the Reformation (which celebrated 500 years in 2017) was a particularly rich period here.  

This 1-day or weekend event combines learning about the Reformation with visiting one, two or several of the famous Reformation sites around the area: the Tyndale Monument, Bishop Hooper Memorial, monastic ruins and priories, St Bart’s on Chosen Hill, or a historical ‘Reformation walking tour’ around Gloucester. A great outdoor experience with a good dose of indoor learning to pave the way.  


Depending on time allowed, a Reformation survey puts the sites you’ll see into their 15th-16th century context.  A brief overview of the 5 branches of the European Reformation sets the stage:

  • Lutheran; Swiss / Zwinglian; Anabaptist; English; and Calvinist

This is quick, fun, and informative jaunt through Reformation history, homing in on the unique English Reformation in all its glory and horror.  While the event is largely adaptable to the desires of the group, it works best if a good balance can be attained between the ‘in class’ learning time and the ‘day out’ experience.

Dan is a passionate teacher with an interdenominational background and teaching experience in 5 countries. He believes that every Christian is a theologian at heart, just needing the opportunity to explore God’s word and God’s world more deeply.  

‘What a day! This was an amazing experience!’ - Highnam Benefice

Unlocking the Bible


For those who really want to get into the ‘what, where, how, and why’ of the Bible but don’t have time manage the full course, this is a paired-down version that can be done as a one-day event.  This can be a half-day or a whole day, and we cover as much as time allows – but touching on each of the main aspects of the ‘Unlocking the Bible’ course.

You’ll get a flavour of the nature of the Bible, how it was made, its history, authorship, organisation – and an overview of the whole grand story it tells.  You also gain insights into its different types of writing, and how we begin to interpret the Bible not as a single book, but as a library, filled with unique insights from different cultural and historical perspectives that need to be understood in their own unique ways.  And you’ll get a sense of how the Bible can still be relevant and transformative for us today.

Format On Site 

Facilitator Daniel Button

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