Gifts and Donations to GTS

If you are considering supporting the ministry of GTS through a gift or a monthly donation… Thank you!  Every gift goes a long way in a small organisation like ours, and is greatly appreciated.  

As a charity, our policy is never to allow cost to prevent anyone from participating in a course.  So if you’re not able to give at this time, don’t worry.  Faithful giving from ‘Friends of GTS’ will help provide bursaries and enable GTS to keep doing what we do.  But if you are able to give a donation, it will be a huge help!  

A few specialised courses have fees, but most work on a donation basis.  There are 3 ways you can donate, but the first option is the most helpful for GTS:

1) Friends of GTS

The best option from our perspective is joining ‘Friends of GTS’ with a regular monthly gift.  Even a small amount each month really goes a long way for a local charity of our size with moderate running costs and helps us budget for the year.  Donations from Friends of GTS keep the charity going and provide bursaries to cover costs for those in need. And if you’re gift-aid eligible, the extra 25% is a huge help.  

Bonus: Friend of GTS are always welcome to join any additional courses for free.

The easiest way to set up a regular gift is usually via BACS standing order (or use Donorbox).

Bank: Barclays
Name: GTS
A/C: 50470996
Sort: 20-45-45

Reference: please reference your name so we know whom to thank!

2) One-off Gifts

If you’d like to donate toward a course but aren’t able to consider the above, a one-off gift can be given at any time, before, during, or when the course ends, and gift-aid can be applied for donations.  Use either the BACS transfer info above, or Donorbox for card payments or Paypal.

3) Gift Aid

Gift-aid provides an additional 25% to all donations and is a huge extra benefit to GTS.  If you are gift-aid eligible, please download this form and send it back to us at  

If you are new to Gateway, here’s a brief explanation of course and operation costs:

In addition to individual course costs, there are significant organisational costs to running a Theology School, including insurance, equipment, marketing, course development, communications, website, etc.

We try to keep course costs to a minimum.  Doing a similar course at a University or theological college would run to hundreds of pounds per person.   As a guideline, we suggest £10 per person per session to cover the minimum costs of a course.  For an individual, a 5-session course = £50, an 8-session course = £80 and so on.  This includes preparation, admin, facilitation, materials, session notes, communications, etc.  Sometimes churches want to cover part of the costs, and we will always tell you if that’s the case, but usually it’s up to you as individual participants to make this work!  

A few specialist courses have fees, but most GTS courses are offered on a donation basis.  Please give as you feel able and as God leads.  

THANK YOU for supporting this ministry!  

Daniel Button, GTS Director

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