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…because theology is for everyone!

What We Do

GTS runs courses and events that help Christians become more confident in their faith. Our courses will help you engage more deeply with biblical, theological, and contemporary issues. We encourage participants to think, discuss, learn and reflect together. We believe that learning more about the nature of God’s relationship with his world transforms us and increases our desire to become more like Him, and to share God’s love and compassion for a hurting world.

How it Works

Our courses are delivered in two modes: On Site and Online.  On Site is ideal for groups that already enjoy a relationship together through a church or other means, and have an adequate venue for teaching and discussion – anywhere in the Gloucestershire region.  Online is ideal for bringing people together who are not already in the same location.  Gateway Online courses are either run as Zoom sessions, or (for a few specified courses) in a new interactive format which combines individual online engagement with group sessions (via Zoom or on site).  

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Current and Upcoming Courses

The courses or events below are currently running or starting soon.  Click the image for dates, locations, and further information.

Accessible and engaging courses for people of all levels of biblical and formal theological understanding. Definitely does what it says ‘on the tin’ and empowers everyone to recognise themselves as a theologian. 

Rev Helen Sammon, former vicar of Highnam benefice (Anglican)

Latest Articles

Here are the latest Gateway 350 articles. These are concise, provocative articles (in just 350 words) that engage with a variety of interesting or controversial topics in theology, Bible, faith and life. Guaranteed to get you thinking from a fresh perspective. There’s a new one every week.

In the Beginning…

In the Beginning…

Everything that exists must have a beginning, right?  Hmmm…  It’s not as straightforward an assumption as we often think.  Does a river have a beginning?  Numerous explorers lost their lives...

by Dan ButtonApril 27, 2022
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Created In God’s Image

Created In God’s Image

What does it mean to be ‘created in God’s image’?  It’s a question theologians, scholars and ordinary Christians have pondered for centuries.  Lots of ideas, no consensus.  Everyone recognises that...

by Dan ButtonApril 20, 2022
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Reading the Bible & Driving a Car

Reading the Bible & Driving a Car

I often use the analogy that learning to read the Bible is like learning to drive a car.  Driving a car is surprisingly easy – in an open field or...

by Dan ButtonApril 13, 2022
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Our Vision

500 years ago, the great Renaissance scholar, Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536) wrote:

‘Only a very few can be learned,
but all can be Christian,
all can be devout,
and – I shall boldly add –
all can be theologians.’

At GTS, we still believe this today! Theology is not just for academics and scholars.  It’s not primarily something we learn, but something we DO. Together – as God’s people.  

…because theology is for everyone!