It’s all Greek to me!

I wonder how you feel when a preacher says, ‘Of course, in the original Greek this word really means blah blah blah’. You might think, ‘Ooh that makes a lot more sense’ or, ‘How interesting!’ Or you might think, ‘How do I know that that’s right?’ (Or… you might just think, ‘There goes the vicar […]

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Summer Joys, and a Good Book

Here comes the British summer, the season when many bags are packed with shorts, hats, macs, suncream and… books.  Topics are many and varied: possibly connected with the holiday destination or a favourite hobby, tales of adventure, detectives or even… chick lit.  For those who have busy working lives a spell of ‘down time’ offers

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The Feasts of the Lord

Who doesn’t love a good feast? We might think of Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, perhaps a wedding or a graduation feast with friends and family. Personally, the image from ‘The Grinch’ always drifts into mind, where ‘He, he himself…the Grinch…carved the roast-beast!’ Biblically though, feast is one of those words that doesn’t mean what we think

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The Meaning of Hannukah

We all know that Christmas is celebrated differently around the world – and sometimes we mistakenly think that the Jewish celebration of Hannukah is simply their variation of Christmas; it falls at the same time of year. But of course the great majority of Jews never accepted Jesus as Christ, so they don’t celebrate Christmas. 

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Context is King

Whenever a question of biblical interpretation comes up, the first and foremost consideration must be context.  In my days at theological college, the absolute importance of context was drilled into us.  So in my very first lecturing role in hermeneutics (interpretation) at Domboshawa College in Zimbabwe, I taught my students to remember the phrase: ‘Context

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Language, Meaning, Genre

Language is a strange thing.  My nose runs and my feet smell – or does my nose smell and my feet run?  Who doesn’t love a bit of wordplay?  What did the ram say to his wife?  I love ewe.  Hebrew poetry is rife withwordplay – and poetry makes up over 30% of the Bible. 

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