Created In God’s Image

What does it mean to be ‘created in God’s image’?  It’s a question theologians, scholars and ordinary Christians have pondered for centuries.  Lots of ideas, no consensus.  Everyone recognises that human beings are unique amongst the animal kingdom.  But unique in what way?  Morality?  Use of tools?  Ability to reason?  Language, cooperation, rationality, intelligence, a […]

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Theology of the Easter Egg

Who knew that the humble Easter egg actually has a long and noble theological history?  Going way back to the early church, the practice developed of teaching new converts the basic foundations of the faith before they were baptised.  Along with learning, they were expected to undertake a serious time of fasting, prayer, and spiritual

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Wars and Rumours of Wars

The devastating pictures of the war in Ukraine bring to mind for some Christians Jesus’ description of ‘wars and rumours of wars’ as a sign of the end (Mat 24:6).  Eschatology (the study of the last things – or the end times), is a controversial and often dangerous practice for Christians – a magnet for

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The Context of Creation

‘In the Beginning, God created…’  Certainly this ranks among the most recognisable opening phrases of any literature known to mankind, yet what does it really mean?  Do we ever stop to ask, ‘in the beginning of what?’   When we read ‘In the beginning’, it’s a bit like ‘Once upon a time’.  They both immediately

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What is Theology?

Gateway is a theology school, so what exactly is theology?  Good question – one that academics and church leaders have pondered for generations – centuries even – and still not arrived at any consensus or unified definition.  In most people’s minds, it’s an ‘ology’ word (like psychology, sociology, or anthropology).  That alone puts it into

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