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God and the Animals

Christians sometimes assume that animals were sort of an optional extra in the biblical story of God and humanity. Maybe created for fun, or for our benefit – so we could have an interesting environment to live in, filled with useful and beautiful creatures, to name, eat, swat, watch, keep as pets, or use for […]

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The Already… and the Not Yet

The Greek word erchomenos is a strange one. It means both ‘coming’ and ‘going’. You only know which meaning is in view by its context. Was Jesus coming to Jericho or going from Jericho when he healed blind Bartimaeus? Jericho had two sections, an old section, and a new administrative zone (built by Herod) a

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9) Messages of Love & Truth

The story of Israel takes a dramatic turn after Jesus’ resurrection. For those who believe, their worldview shifts from centripetal (Israel at the centre) to centrifugal (spreading the message outward to the world). Jesus’ resurrection demonstrated the power of God, the truth of Jesus’ message of salvation, and validated the claims of his identity: Messiah,

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8) Christianity Spreads its Wings

In the Old Testament, we met Judges, Kings, Prophets, Priests and a Temple at the centre of Israel’s religious life. In the New Testament we suddenly encounter Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes, Teachers of the Law, and Synagogues (not to mention Romans). It’s difficult to understand the connections until we realize how drastically the Exile changed Israel’s

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4) Kings, Priests & Prophets

When we think of ancient Israel, we usually think of it as a nation – with borders, trade, a cultural heritage, and a governing authority. But Israel had none of these. Nearly 1,000 years had passed since God’s covenant with Abraham and the promise of: People, Land, Nation, a great Name, Blessing. But Israel was

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