Author name: Dan Button

The Feasts of the Lord

Who doesn’t love a good feast? We might think of Christmas dinner, Thanksgiving, perhaps a wedding or a graduation feast with friends and family. Personally, the image from ‘The Grinch’ always drifts into mind, where ‘He, he himself…the Grinch…carved the roast-beast!’ Biblically though, feast is one of those words that doesn’t mean what we think …

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The Meaning of Hannukah

We all know that Christmas is celebrated differently around the world – and sometimes we mistakenly think that the Jewish celebration of Hannukah is simply their variation of Christmas; it falls at the same time of year. But of course the great majority of Jews never accepted Jesus as Christ, so they don’t celebrate Christmas.  …

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Kings & Kingdoms

As my plane descended into Gatwick on the morning of the Queen’s funeral, the lyrics of an old song kept playing in my head: ‘Kings and kingdoms will all pass away, but there’s something about that name.’  The name of course was Jesus. The song was a 1970s Gospel tune by the Bill Gaither trio.  …

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God Doesn’t Work Alone

Warning: this topic is pure speculation, but here we go… Humans are uniquely philosophical creatures: ‘Why am I here?  What’s the purpose of life?  Not to be flippant – but the Bible gives a pretty straightforward answer in Gen 1.  We were made to ‘rule over the whole earth’ as his image-bearers, to ‘fill the …

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Wrapping Up the first 5 Years

Exactly two weeks ago at this moment, I was scrambling to get the final touches ready for the GTS 5-Year Anniversary Celebration.  If you were there – what a wonderful celebration it was – thank you once again to all who joined in by making cakes, setting up, laying the tables, serving drinks, clearing and …

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The Problem with Miracles

How shocking would it be if I said I don’t believe in miracles?  We’re conditioned as Christians to believe in miracles – so much so that if we don’t, it’s highly questionable we’re truly Christian.  But there’s a problem with miracles.  They don’t actually exist in the Bible!  Let me explain: There are several biblical …

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